Choosing the Best Email Archiving Solution for Your Business

What is Email Archiving?

Email archiving is an easy, reliable and secure way of storing email messages. Emails are very important source of communication in today’s digital world and it’s an authentic and credible source to track and even retract one's words to a certain degree.

Why is email archiving needed?

Companies and organizations use email for both internal and external communications. You're also likely to have thousands of emails saved on your mail server. Getting so many emails on your email server can be troublesome. The email service may become extremely or fully inaccessible. It's best to delete old emails to prevent overloading the mail server.

Best Email Archiving Solution for Your Business

Best Practices while selecting an Email Archiving Solution

  1. Archiving and Storage

For any company, an unorganized email box is a nightmare. Also, an accidental data loss can be a huge lose to business growth and can also have negative cost consequences. This makes it important for archiving solution to store a large quantity of data in a orderly manner. The solution should be hosted on the cloud to alleviate the burden of handling locally stored PST data.

  • On-Premise Email Archiving

An on-site database can be maintained on a bare-metal or virtual server that has been designed to ensure high availability, with sufficient physical, technological and administrative security controls to keep your email data secure. This choice gives you complete control over your email archive, but the configuration can be complicated and you will have limited storage space. That is why it is important to prepare and carefully assesses how much storage you would need. You should always back up the archive and should keep the backup separate so that you can get it immediately whenever required.

  • Cloud-Based Email Archiving

There are many advantages of cloud based email archiving and it is quickly becoming the trend for many organizations. Cloud is extremely scalable and versatile as one has to pay only for the computing space that is needed. You can also host an archive in your own private cloud or using a SaaS email archiving solution.

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