Samsung Galaxy Buds are “Almost” Amongst The Best Wireless Ear Wearables

If you are a music lover or use headphones on a daily basis, then wireless headphones would be your first preference. Samsung is all set with their latest earphones Samsung Galaxy Buds which would help all the headphone users to eliminate the hustle of tangling wires and easily carry them around with them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Although Apple has previously revealed their own wireless headphones namely AirPods, which has already received quite some backlash for replacing the old headphone jack from its iPhone series.

Moreover, the AirPods have another very major drawback which includes the continues distraction caused due to the nearby noises like while walking through subways or passing by a market.

But the new Samsung Galaxy Buds are exclusively introduced for all such users who are looking for some ear tight wearables. As these tiny buds are capable of fitting into the exact shape of your ears and is very hard to come off, until you externally try to remove it.

 Mainly there are a few essential requirements that any headphone must have and apart from these requirements if the headphone is able to serve any other services, then it could be a sort of a treat to enjoy. Every reliable headphone should be able to pick up calls, play songs and easy to operate.

If a headphone succeeds in achieving these three goals, then such a product can prove to be very useful in daily usage and make a person relaxed. The new Samsung Galaxy Buds are very compact and fit comfortably in any side pocket or bag which make it highly accessible and easy to have around while traveling.

In addition, these Samsung Earbuds don’t have any external charging slot because these wireless Buds will be based on wireless charging and allow users to relax completely without any stress or panic.

As the left and right Ear Buds are available in a pocket-sized box which could be used as a storing device for the Samsung Galaxy Buds, but this case also has some additional use. The storage case also acts as a wireless charger for the Ear Buds as when this case is placed on top of the Galaxy mobile, and the Ear Buds start to charge up its battery instantly. 

Still, this new device also has its low point which reduces the performance of this device. The major issue with this new Ear Bud is that the audio quality if this device lacks sharpness and clarity in words, which sometimes makes the conversations difficult as the user fails to understand what the other person on the call is talking about.

 Not only the speaker quality is low and unrefined but also the microphone of the Ear Bud is very unstable as it is placed to the far side of the mouth so if a user of these buds is in a crowded place then the voice quality on the receiver end depletes.

Samsung Buds are more of a luxury device and less of a utility product as it fails to implement the fundamentals adequately. It would be not wrong to say that this product is very trendy and picture perfect in design as it has a number of different interactions which a user can opt for.

These features include one tap start and stop, tap and call, tap and shuffle music, but with such dynamic features, this device fails to deliver what it was actually meant for, and that is audio and microphone quality.

Although Samsung had resolved to better design for the Ear Bud in comparison to the Apples AirPods, some more dedicated improvements are required to improve on the fundamentals of this device which could help Samsung make a comeback.

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