Fortnite: How to Locate A Wooden Rabbit

Week 6 for Fortnite has brought along some very interesting challenges for Fortnite fans and in order to complete them players are searching the entirety of the in-game map.

This time around one of the challenges for week 6 requires players to search for three different animal’s giant statues which are locating around separate locations in the title.  One of such statues is of a rabbit which gamers will have to locate in the Fortnite map in order to complete this week’s challenge.

Fortnite: How to Locate A Wooden Rabbit

Players who are looking for a wooden rabbit statue for accomplishing one of the week 6 challenges will have to head toward the North of Snobby Shore which is at the west of the in-game map.

 Certainly, players will be able to spot this giant rabbit with ease as it is quite hard to miss such a massive wooden block structure right in front of your eyes. As players steps close toward the giant wooden rabbit, automatically an in-game newsfeed would pop-up which would confirm the accomplishment of their challenge.

 Moreover, players will also have to locate two more statues which are of Iron llama and Stone Pig. These two statues are also easy to spot, and players will surely accomplish this challenge in no time.

Some players are relating this week’s finding the statue challenge with the three different resources available in the game to build defensive structures. As all the three giant statues are constructed from three different materials namely wood, metal and stone players are relating the giant structures as a symbolism to the available resources in the game.

Currently, Fortnite is dealing with a tremendous backlash from the gaming community for the recent v8.20 patch which altered the Siphoning LTM which was included to the title with the v7.40 update.

In addition to this players are also showing their frustration towards the reduction in FOV as Fortnite announced that they are putting an end to the stretched resolution.

The announcements mentioned above made by Epic Games have created a distress amongst the Fortnite community members, and certainly, Fortnite fans are showcasing their frustration through sending a slew of feedback.

Just a few days ago, an individual managed to hack the official Twitter account of Fortnite and posted his feedback stating that the community expects a lot from Fortnite and players are looking for something more to do in the game rather than just completing random challenges.

So Epic Games have unveiled some initial challenges for week 6 to settle down the community distress for the time being. Developers at Epic Games really have to think hard on introducing something new to the title to assure their market holding in the free to play category.

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